The Pharma Podcast

The NEAR Future of Regenerative medicine

January 13, 2023 Drew Taylor Season 4 Episode 2
The Pharma Podcast
The NEAR Future of Regenerative medicine
Show Notes

On this episode of the Pharma Podcast, my guest is  Dr, Drew Taylor, founder and CEO of ACORN BIOLABS.

As an entrepreneur and regenerative medicine pioneer, Drew is making breakthrough medicine accessible for everyday people. After simultaneously earning a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto and playing professional baseball, Drew worked as part of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Bio-engineering of Skeletal Tissues Team, then as Chief Science Officer at Epic Capital Management. 

In 2017, Drew co-founded Acorn Biolabs, to help more people access the future of regenerative medicine by providing affordable, accessible, and non-invasive cell banking.

Drew and I discuss his journey to entrepreneurship, and the NEAR FUTURE of Regenerative medicine.

Contact Information:

Drew Taylor, MSc, PhD

Chief Executive Officer | Acorn Biolabs Inc.



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